Sunday, June 29, 2008

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Good day to all the art lovers in the world.
You can view all my work at:

This blog is for all the shows i am currently painting for. I will discuss the struggles and
joys that i go thru to give you the reader a better idea of what an artist's life is like.

I am currently working on some really cool shows to start off the year.

As we are halfway thru the month i have been in shows with these galleries:

An Independent Gallery that caters to upscale west side art lovers, The Art can be moody, but very expressive. The Black Cat is curated by artist Timothy Williams
The Independent Gallery and performance space in California, The art is bold and cutting edge.
the show is curated by L C and Michele Waterman. Cannibal Flower is a show all talented artist's must participate in.
An Independent Emerging Artists Gallery based in West La, or Venice California. A intimate space run by art lovers Patrick and Tonya. this is the new up and coming gallery.
Cutting edge gallery owned by Visual Artists Dover and Jill Abrams. Currently Directed by Heidi Calvert the "Booty" Show will be sensual candy to ease us into the month of love.

These are the shows i will participate in to start the year
All these shows can be found on cannibal flower
i will check back and add more shortly

I love u all

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Shahid said...

this is a great art resource for so many tell a friend who is looking for an opportunity.